Souls receives High Commendation at The Iris Prize 2016

Souls received a high commendation at the Iris Prize 2016 where it was under consideration for Best British Short.


Frances Hendron, Chair of Best British award, said, “We watched 15 remarkable shorts. We encountered tales of beauty, loss, pain and joy.


Of Souls, which was the shortest film under consideration, she said “This is a tale of loss and love, created and sustained for eight minutes”.


Congratulations to Toby Fell-Holden and the team on Balcony who won Best British Short and the International Iris Prize.

Iris Prize Film Festival: Best British Short

We are delighted to announce that Souls has been shortlisted for Best British Short at the Iris Prize Film Festival 2016.  If you didn't catch their announcement last month, the Iris Prize Film Festival was recently promoted to the BAFTA A list, putting them on a similar level to Cannes, Venice and Sundance etc which also means that Souls now qualifies for the BAFTA long list 2017!


Looking forward to heading to Cardiff in October!  #IrisPrize #SoulsFilm

Flickers: Rhode Island Film Festival

We are delighted to announce that Souls will be featured as part of the Official Competition at Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival where it will be in contention for the best short film award.  Wonderful news.

Happy Birthday Ian, James and John!

Happy Birthday to Ian Gage, James Evans, and John Spry, who all formed part of the Souls crew.  Busy week for birthdays - shame we're not still on the hilltop stuffing ourselves with cake.  Have a great day all. 

Trailer Locked

This morning we locked the trailer for Souls and are looking forward to launching it later this month.  Many thanks to Ryan Axe for lending us his ninja trailer editing skills.  Check him out on and give him some love.

Titles and VFXsigned off

Today we signed off the final VFX and Title sequence (it's only a short one but looks v. Elegant).  Excited to hand these over to our colorist Enge Gray so that he can add the finishing touches.   Thanks to our friends at The Brewery ( for their vision and hard work, particularly Josh Batson and Marc Knapton.  The beers are on us boys.

Edinburgh Festival Submission

Well this one was to the wire but thankfully we have our submission for Edinburgh Internation Film Festival in.  Watch this space for feedback and thank you for Katie McCullough at Festival Formula for the last minute nudge-a-roo.  PHEW.